Data demand going skyhigh?

Eagle Point Networks can bridge that gap
Eagle Point Networks specializes in providing high-bandwidth to hospitality and private network solutions providers administering schools, hotels, and marinas in underserved areas. We combine traditional fiber technology with the latest in microwave wireless to keep costs down and throughput high to you and your clients. Bandwidth that used to be cost-prohibitive can now be provided economically in many areas through Eagle Point Networks.

Connecting schools
As educators rely more and more on technology and the "cloud" to prepare their students for tomorrow's jobs, schools and their IT teams often find their bandwidth providers can't keep up. Find out how Eagle Point Networks can solve your current bandwidth deficits.
Connecting hotels
Hotels in desirable but remote and coastal locations often face challenges in satisfying their guests' leisure and business internet demands in an increasingly connected world. Eagle Point Networks can not only bring in a better pipe with more bandwidth, we can recommend experienced hospitality WiFi solution providers to streamline management of that rapidly growing amenity.
Connecting marinas
Marinas often struggle to provide bandwidth to their boaters and guests due to limited options. Eagle Point Networks can provide better bandwidth to marina public wifi providers as well as private network relay specialists.
Eagle Point Networks offers affordable connectivity today.
If you struggle with bandwidth, it's likely that your neighbors do as well. There is power in numbers, so we talk to them too to see how we can solve their bandwidth issues as well. Comprehensive solutions that serve your community instead of just you keep costs lower for everyone.

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